Masoumeh Jalalieh

Director of Oma arts studio

Masoumeh Jalalieh is a Tehran based professional artist working on visual arts such as design and graphic design, illustration and performative body arts, such as physical theatre (mime) and contemporary dance.

Brought up between lines, colours and canvases of both her father and older brother, she was exposed to art from a very early age.

She likes to research interdisciplinary codes in images, sounds, and movement. ‘The body is a complicated collection of all elements of nature, such as time, space, ambience, speed, density, temperature, transition, concentration… I observe, explore and study these elements through the body and movement. This way, I communicate my imagination using the most ultimate language human beings have at their disposal.’ Masoumeh is undoubtedly interwoven with the society, culture and ritual carpet of her homeland. ‘I carry myself, my family, my ancestors, and history with me, and thus communicate myself, my country and its people through my artistic statements.’ 

Masoumeh had studied Graphic design and parallelly educated herself on theatre specifically Mime and contemporary dance.

As a contemporary artist, she believes in the conversation of different arts, crafts and sciences.